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Lubriplate PGO Series

Eco-Responsible, Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG)-Based, Synthetic Gear, Bearing and Chain Lubricants

These 100% polyalkylene glycol (PAG) fluids are designed for gearboxes, bearings and chains operating in the most demanding conditions. They provide outstanding thermal stability, excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance and protection against micropitting. They exceed 13 stages of the FZG test.

Lubriplate PGO Fluids are free of zinc and other additives that may be undesirable in environmentally sensitive areas. They offer long service life and work well over extended fluid change intervals which conserves resources and helps ease waste oil disposal problems.


Product Code:

PGO 150 - L0845

PGO 220 - L0838

PGO 320 - L0840

PGO 460 - L0839

PGO 680 - L0846


Data Sheets


Download Product Data Sheet (PDS)

PGO  150 Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

PGO 220 Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

PGO 320 Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

PGO 460 Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Download Product Data Sheet (PDS)


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