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  • Lubriplate Food Grade Fire Resistant Hydraulic and Chain Lubes

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    Lubriplate have introduced a high temperature NSF H1 food grade high quality FIRE RESISTANT hydraulic fluid , Synxtreme FRH1-46 to compliment their food grade high temperature chain lubricant, Lubriplate Food Grade HTCL 150/220.. For more information read on 

  • Craft Lubricants for Craft Brewing

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    As a leading equipment manufacturer, Palmer Canning Systems in Lafayette, IN knows a lot
    about the craft brewing business. They also know a lot about machinery and what it takes
    to keep it running at its best. That is why Palmer Canning Systems uses and recommends
    Lubriplate H1 Lubricants for use in their machinery. For more information read on 

  • LUBRIPLATE NSF /H-1 Registered, Synthetic Fluid Lubricants For Can Seamers/Closers:

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    Three of the top can seamer manufacturers are Ferrum, Pneumatic Scale Angelus and Zacmi. These three manufacturers have approved LUBRIPLATE products on their machinery. For more information read on 

  • GMAN21616

    Superior Lubricants Awarded PolySi Distributorship.

    PolySi Technologies, a US based supplier and manufacturer of Silicone and Non-Silicone based lubricants, has awarded Superior Lubricants sole distribution of their products in Australia and New Zealand. PolySi® Lubricants, a division of PolySi® Technologies, are manufacturers of speciality lubricants used in the automotive, electrical, electronic, utility, plumbing, heavy equipment, medical, marine, energy and food equipment markets. Superior Lubricants has no doubt that PolySi’s range will complement our existing industrial lubricants and specialty products, offering our clients alternatives to competing brands such as Dow Corning® Molykote, Kluber, Nye®, Dupont®, Daikin, and Novagard.

    Click here to view our range >>

  • modern marvel

    Bel-Ray Molylube High Temperature Grease with solids

    Bel-Ray a Modern Marvel, see Bel-Ray lubricants in action 

  • 3-meat-forming

    Food Industry "Know How" at superior lubricants

    The perils of ignoring lubrication in the food industry.  

  • cement

    Bel-Ray MolyLube Mill Gear Grease

    Molylube Mill Gear Grease solves the problem>>>

  • quarry

    Bel-Ray Molylube EP High Viscosity Greases

    Bel-Ray Molylube Extreme Pressure High Viscosity Grease Solves a Costly Bearing Problem>>

  • bakery

    Bel-Ray Food Grade Chain Lubricants

    The Oven Chain is the Key to Proper Bakery Lubrication

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